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PDF icon 02.00 Agenda 03.19.18.pdf66.96 KB
PDF icon 03.00 Glenbrook Stories.pdf49.13 KB
PDF icon 06.01b Appointments_ Support Staff.pdf128.5 KB
PDF icon 06.02a ResignationTerminations_ Certified.pdf156.53 KB
PDF icon 06.02b Resignations Terminations Support Staff.pdf151.46 KB
PDF icon 06.03 FOIA.pdf378.05 KB
PDF icon 06.07 Minutes February 26, 2018 Regular Board Meeting.pdf193.08 KB
PDF icon 06.08 Gifts.pdf133.49 KB
PDF icon 06.09 Approval of Capital and Life Safety Project Bids for Fiscal Year 2018-19.pdf146.89 KB
PDF icon 06.10 Student Fees for the 2018-2019 School Year.pdf123.37 KB
PDF icon 06.11 Authorization for Release of Purchase Orders.pdf65.18 KB
PDF icon 06.12 IHSA Membership Renewal.pdf636.94 KB
PDF icon 06.17 GBS BPA National Leadership Conference to Grapevine, TX.pdf474.03 KB
PDF icon 06.18 GBN_DECACompetition2018.pdf3.72 MB
PDF icon 07.00 Award of Special Education Transportation Bid.pdf152.18 KB
PDF icon 08.00 Approval of American Heritage Proposal.pdf121.16 KB
PDF icon 09.00 Establishing the Date for the Organziation of the board of Education Meeting.pdf44.59 KB
PDF icon All Documents 03.19.18.pdf6.78 MB
PDF icon 06.03 FOIA.ALL_.pdf16.04 MB
PDF icon 06.04 Approval of Accounts Payable Bills.pdf377.6 KB
PDF icon 06.05 Approval of Payroll Disbursements.pdf551.17 KB
PDF icon 06.06 Approval of Revolving Fund Reimbursement.pdf219.44 KB
PDF icon Certified Staff Reduction in Force.pdf370.72 KB
PDF icon Certified Staff Special Leaves Requests for the 2018-19 School Year. (1).pdf260.53 KB
PDF icon Non-tenured Certified Staff Members to be Rehired or Honorably Dismissed (1).pdf519.19 KB
PDF icon 06.15 Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement with Glenview District 30 for Use of Real Property - Revised.pdf1.07 MB